What is car Roadside Assistance?

Car Roadside Assistance offers you professional assistance in case of your vehicle breaking down. The following services (subject to certain limitations) are provided as part of our offering: tow-in service, fuel to reach the closest filling station, jump-start service, message relay service, key lockout service, car rental or overnight accommodation.

What are the benefits of Roadside Assistance?

You get peace of mind knowing that you will be assisted in times of an unforeseen breakdown on the road. We offer a range of benefits from 'Tow in' to 'Message relay'.

  • Car problems are very unpleasant, especially when you are stranded in an unfamiliar place. We try to make your experience as hassle-free as possible.
  • With LiquidCapital you have the option of paying for your car Roadside Assistance plan with a once-off payment or monthly instalments.
  • The LiquidCapital car Roadside Assistance plan provides two subscription options:
  • a) Three year plan
  • b) Five year plan

What are the conditions of a car Roadside Assistance Plan?

  • The total number of call-outs in this plan is limited to five call-outs per 12-month cycle, effective from your first successful payment.
  • Any additional call-outs exceeding the mentioned limit will be charged separately.
  • Unused call-outs at the end of the 12-month cycle do not accumulate into the next 12-month cycle.
  • We provide Roadside Assistance as soon as possible in response to your request. We do not guarantee response times, which vary depending on location, traffic, road conditions and weather conditions.
  • Vehicles younger than 5 years or with less than 100 000km do qualify for car Roadside Assistance.