What is a Paint Tech Auto Body Warranty?

Paint Tech is an insurance product that protects the exterior of your vehicle and covers windscreen chips and cracks, stone chips, hail damage, dents, scratches, damaged rims and mag wheels, and even tar removal for a defined period of time.

What are the benefits of Paint Tech?

Windscreen Damage
Where your vehicle's windscreen is damaged by impact resulting in a chip on the surface and such damage is repairable, the insurer will be responsible for the cost of the repair.

Hail Damage
Where your vehicle is damaged by hail and can be successfully repaired by an accredited dent remover, or recognised dent removal process for hail damage restoration, the insurer will be responsible for the cost of the repair.

Wheel Rims and Mag Wheels
Where only your vehicle’s wheel rims or mag wheels are damaged and are repairable, the insurer will pay for the repairs to the damage, up to a maximum amount dependent on the plan selected, per 12 (twelve) month period of cover.

Minor Dents
The insurer will pay for repairs to “minor dents” to your car which are within an area, dependent on the Option Plan selected. Where any part of the body panel has been ripped or torn, then the damage shall not be defined as a dent and shall not be covered under this policy section.

What are the conditions of Paint Tech Auto Body Warranty?

The Paint Tech Auto Body Warranty excludes the following:

  • Motorcycles, four wheeled bikes, scooters, caravans or motor homes, trailers and boats are excluded.
  • Any damage exceeding the maximum repair limit.
  • Any damage resulting in the replacement of any body-panel or part thereof.
  • Damage to car radios, sound equipment or car telephones.
  • Any pre-existing damage, including rusting or any gradually developing cause.
  • Any repairs or services outside the Republic of South Africa.
  • Repairs to the vehicle that have not started within 90 (ninety) days of the authorisation of the claim.