What is a Maintenance Plan?

A car maintenance plan provides your vehicle with cover for scheduled services, plus a range of specified wear-and-tear parts and labour costs. The plan runs over a selected time or selected number of kilometres driven, whichever happens first. All service and maintenance work must be performed by an approved dealer.

What are the benefits of this Maintenance Plan?

The following benefits apply to holder of this Maintenance Plan:

  • You can choose a fixed manageable monthly premiums or an upfront once off premium payment.
  • The maintenance costs are determined. No matter how high prices rise in the future, you won’t have to worry about inflation, parts or labour cost increases
  • Your vehicle will be serviced at an approved dealership

What are the conditions of a Maintenance Plan?

Cars younger than 4 years and with less than 80 000KM on the odometer can apply for this maintenance plan.

The Maintenance Plan will start from the date the car is purchased and will continue until either the prescribed time period or mileage has been reached, whichever happens first. Please note that the major maintenance portion of this plan will only become effective one year after purchase of the plan.

The following components are covered in a Maintenance Plan but may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and are subject to terms and conditions:

  • Service items: air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs and lubricants.
  • Maintenance items (with limited benefits): clutch, exhaust, globes, fuses, brake pads, brake discs, shock absorbers, v-belts and wiper blades.