What is Adcover?

Our Adcover policy will assist you financially in these unexpected times. The shortfall amount will be paid to the financial institution, and a portion of your excess will be covered.

What are the benefits of Adcover?

The following benefits apply to Adcover:

  • The shortfall amount between your comprehensive insurance pay-out and the settlement amount on your finance agreement is covered by the policy, excluding any excesses.
  • If your comprehensive insurance company rejects your claim due to your unintentional failure to comply with a policy condition, then the insurer will look into the merits of the rejection and may possibly pay the claim.
  • A portion of your insurance excess is covered.
  • The policy premiums are debited from your nominated bank account monthly so no big upfront payments are required.
  • The policy can be cancelled immediately if you sell the motor vehicle or trade it in.
  • If you skip a payment on your comprehensive insurance cover and your insurer rejects your claim based on this reason, then the Adcover policy will pay your claim, subject to terms and conditions

What are the conditions of Adcover?

The following conditions apply to the purchase of Adcover:

  • If the car is being used for racing and driving instruction for reward, it will not be covered.
  • If the car is carrying more weight than for which it was designed, it will not be covered.
  • The policy does not cover any damage to the car from whatever cause.
  • You must be in the possession of a valid driver’s licence.
  • No cover will be forthcoming if you are caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.