Car Insurance Quotes

car products

Maintaining and servicing your vehicle shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. With LiquidCapital's range of car products you can plan for most of these costs.

service plan

All cars need to be serviced to keep them running smoothly. A service plan helps you to have services done on time without the financial worries of once-off large costs.

maintenance plan

It's a fact that all cars require some sort of maintenance to keep them on the road; this is normally difficult to budget for as wear-and-tear items need replacement unexpectedly. We have a solution though.

extended warranty

While your car is protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, it is not often things will go wrong with it during the waranty period. When the manufacturer’s warranty expires, these repairs can be costly. Our extended warranty will protect you and your car for many of these costly repairs.

Roadside Assistance

We're able to provide roadside assistance for you when you need it.

Tyre & Rim Insurance

Although we cannot eliminate the dangers on the roads, we can offer a quality tyre and rim insurance policy which will cover your tyres and rims if they are damaged due to road hazards.

Car Insurance Quotes

Make the right insurance choice with comparative, accurate quotations from a panel of reliable insurance companies.


Should you suffer total loss of your car through an accident, hi-jacking or theft, there is a possibility that you will also suffer a shortfall between your comprehensive insurance payout and the settlement amount of your finance agreement, Adcover will help bridge this gap.

Deposit Cover

Make provision now to get assistance towards a deposit for a new vehicle if your vehicle is stolen, hi-jacked or damaged beyond economical repair.

Paint Tech
Auto Body Warranty

Get protection against minor dents and scratches to your vehicle’s body, wheels and windscreen.